Free Skin Textures

Here are some of the skin textures created by me that I use for my monsters. I have reduced everything to 600px x 600px to save my bandwidth.

You can purchase high resolution skin textures here – only $2 for 10 high res seamless files.

I use them in ZBrush to spray on colour to build up realistic skins textures for SSS Shaders such as VRay FastSSS.











photo realistic vray materials tutorial

high resolution human skin textures

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5 Responses to “Free Skin Textures”

  1. calum andrews Says:

    Thakyou for the great texture bases.Thanks also on your how to use info:)

  2. Mikkel Says:

    Great work! I have been having a lot of trouble finding good skin textures and this is by fare the best I’ve found!

    I really like your art it reminds me of a danish artist called Michael Kvium! If you are looking for some inspiration you should take a look at some of his work. (this is just a link for image results from google.. he does’nt have a website

  3. Jagadesh Says:

    good job… try higher n more realistic….

  4. rena Says:

    nice! thanks very much! i find these textures are very helpful! :)

  5. Sebastian Says:

    Thanks allot for these base skin textures, they really :)

    nice job mate :)

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